Super Simple Storytelling

Ebook: Super Simple Storytelling

Haven, Kendall F.

This book is the culmination of a decade of personal research, observation, experimentation, and working with

over a hundred teachers to find out what really works in the classroom environment. I have written it to share a

more practical, efficient, do-able, and I think better, approach to organizing, learning, and telling stories. I am

assuming that storytelling is not your primary goal, but rather that you want to use storytelling as part of some

other effort: teaching, ministry, business, therapy, the law, coaching, etc. Hundreds of in-class trials of my

system prove that it will meet your needs.

Telling stories is like singing, like sports, like dancing, like music. Some people are naturally more talented than

others. The activity comes more easily, more gracefully to some. Still, every human is capable of competently

performing each of these activities, if he or she is shown the skills, techniques, and tricks that form the

foundation for the activity.

Telling stories and effectively using storytelling are no different. Every adult can adequately communicate his

or her unique stories. Each one of us is capable of weaving together the tapestry of an engrossing tale. So is

every child. We all just need someone to teach us storytelling’s fundamental skills.


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